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Possessives and the Writing Process

Hello, writers and teachers,
We've reviewed the basic structure of a paragraph and the importance of using precise nouns and vivid verbs. This week we will ...
1- take a look at possessive nouns and 
2- study the writing process.
A possessive noun is a noun that has been modified by adding an apostrophe or an apostrophe s to indicate ownership (the noun owns or has (possesses) something. For example: the cat's meow (the meow that "belongs" to the cat).
Study the following document, complete the exercises, and take the quiz.
Possessive Nouns (PDF — 81 KB)
Here's a link to the rules and to a few fun videos:
Every writer has a personal writing process or system for planning, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. You need to discover and develop yours. The following document will walk you through the basics. I want you to keep in mind that writing is an artistic process similar to creating a painting or cooking a gourmet dish. You start by learning and following a series of basic steps, but as you become more experienced, you usually end up modifying the process so it suits your creative style. And that's perfectly okay. Think of the writing process described in this document as a place to start your journey as a skilled writer.
Your assignment for this week is to write an 8-sentence paragraph following the writing process (brainstorm, plan, draft, revise/edit, write a final copy) about someone who means/meant a lot to you. (What is/was this person like? What makes/made him/her so special?) 
You could start your paragraph: "A person that means a lot to me is _____." or "A person that meant a lot to me was ____."
Talk to you next Wednesday.
Happy writing!
Write Cook
P.S. What's your favorite lunch item? Mine is a granola-almond-cranberry mix.

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