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New School Year

Greetings to all,

The new school year has begun. I wish all teachers, parents, and students a wonderful and successful teaching and learning experience.

My teaching resources continue to be available through my website and my Teachers Pay Teachers Store: 

I'm no longer tutoring or posting tutoring lessons on this blog. Instead I'll be posting occasional writing-related comments and product announcements.

Happy writing!

Write Cook

Grammar Review

Hello, students, parents, and teachers,

I trust you're all enjoying your summer vacation! 

If you'd like to review and improve your grammar skills in preparation for the new school year, go to the lessons I posted last summer. Start with the lesson titled Nouns and Pronouns posted June 10, 2013.

Have a great 4th of July. I will post again after Labor Day. 

Write Cook

"Ghost Girl: The Story of Jamie Jones"

Dear students, parents, and teachers,
October is National Bullying Prevention Month:
Interested in a story that addresses the problem of bullying in schools? My short story "Ghost Girl: The Story of Jamie Jones" is now available as an ebook through the Amazon Kindle Store (for only 99 cents).
Here's the blurb:
One tragedy after another befalls eleven-year-old Jamie. To make things worse, the class bully and her gang are picking on her. What Jamie needs and wants most of all in the world is a friend, but will she ever find one? And who will put a stop to the terrible bullying that's going on at her school?

Read this ghost story and find out what happened to Jamie Jones.
Much love,
Write Cook
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